Matěj Műller

pianist and composer

6 - For that number of years I have been intensively teaching piano. Always in a fun way, with effective methods, and above all with an individual and distinctive approach. I have found myself passing on musical skills to others, and this is something I am doing responsibly and respectfully.

60 - There is a number of my own piano compositions. Some of them are publicly available, others are still waiting to be recorded. However, each of them describes a certain period in my life and has its place in my heart, just like the stories I hid in them.

18 - A number of years have passed since my first contact with the piano, which happened by coincidence and favorable circumstances in kindergarten. Eighteen years ago, I learned the first songs by ear and, after a while, started attending art school, leading me to pursue my studies at the Conservatory in Pilsen which I finished in 2021.

7 - For this number of years I have been playing live music. My music could be heard in hotels, cafes, restaurants, on ships, Czech Radio and Czech Television. Every year, I organize a recital of my own compositions, at which I present news of what I have composed over the last twelve months.