The piece called Anděl (Angel) was composed in July 2015 and thus adhered to the tightly set line "a new piece every month". This time, again, it got its name from the person it was supposed to describe - an angel - a radiant being full of optimism, tenderness, the embodiment of good.

It became the first composition that was created immediately in two versions - instrumental (created on a workstation) and piano. The same happened with Svítání nad oceánem (Sunrise Over the Ocean), However, in this particular case, it happened immediately, not after a few months of pause.

It is a musical piece full of emotions, based on a three-part model and a repeated chorus, which returns as a memory motif after the closing of each inserted part and can be heard four times. It might seem that it appears unnecessarily too many times, but since it underlines the whole idea, it has its justification.

Dedicated to Andrea Kraková.