The composition called Naděje (Hope) is the first composition I wrote at the age of fifteen as a result of the requirements for the admission procedure to the Conservatory. It was the work that in 2014 triggered a series of coincidences that led to stable production and a sequence of more and more compositions. It earned its name precisely because of the situation I was in at the time I composed it - the hope for success in the high school admission exams.

At the time it was composed, it represented a certain breakthrough in my previous work in the field of music. It allowed me to penetrate into the world of harmony, relationships between individual chords, modulations and working with the theme. Until then, I hadn't thought about music in this regard, I didn't notice a lot of things and I didn't consider them important.

Together with the selected piano repertoire, it became part of the successful completion of piano exams and thus opened the gate to a new world of music. Being accepted to the Conservatory gave me the opportunity to start devoting myself only and fully to music.

In close succession, new musical works began to emerge - Svítání nad oceánem (Sunrise Over the Ocean), Nepochopen (Misunderstood) or Vzlet bílé holubice (Flight of the White Dove). These compositions laid the foundations for my further work. For the first time, I experimented with themes, worked with chord connections, and many other things.

Naděje (Hope) became a composition that started my own piano production and improvement in the harmony-related and other questions that music offers. Also, for this reason, it will be in first place on the planned album.