Nepochopen (Misunderstood) is the third piece I composed. I wrote it in May 2015, and it is during this period that a certain regularity begins to form in my work. From the trials to put together a continuous melody a new stage emerged. What I tried with the piece Svítání nad oceánem (Sunrise Over the Ocean), that is, the effect on human emotions, is transferred to the following production.

I started playing with the possibility of incorporating feelings and emotional states into the music. The piece Nepochopen (Misunderstood) is loaded with evidence. It became the first targeted experiment in this direction. It is written in a gloomy depressed mood, which should be obvious from the first listen.

Another habit that has remained with me to this day rooted with this musical creation - the compositions started to describe my real experiences. The first attempts were more about composing a meaningful structure. Nepochopen (Misunderstood) and then all the pieces that followed carry with them the story of what happened. The event is truly encrypted in the whole composition, its character and musical language.

From a certain perspective, it can also be considered a pivotal and groundbreaking composition in my production, because it started the era of "programmed" writing and became my first dedicated composition.