New World


The composition Nový svět (New World) brought a new dimension to my production again. Since this was my sixth piece composed in August 2015, I had already set some goals and I had some idea in advance.

My goal before writing this piece was to achieve a diverse and attractive melody in the most used key, C major. Thus, from the very beginning, I directed my thoughts to work with this idea. In the end, everything went beyond my expectations, even though, at first, this goal seemed unattainable to me.

Nový svět (New World) has become a link between random creation with a tangle of ideas and their combination, and between the well-thought-out musical and compositional structure of the whole. It marked a turning point for the further development of my compositions. Soon, the piece Tajemno (Mystery) saw the light of day and was followed by one of the most successful pieces called Přátelství (Friendship).

This composition is connected with the others mainly by its naturalness, the newly discovered ability to communicate one's own feelings through tone and melody, and the possibility of coding one's thoughts into compositions through the keyboard. From the point of view of development, at that time, it was probably the most inventive composition, which brought an unimaginably high extent of knowledge and laid the basic pillars and characteristics of my entire work.