The Carres


December 2016 was very inspiring, one year away from my - until then - most successful piece Přátelství (Friendship), as a very successful and promising piece called Pohlazení (The Caress) was composed. This is the second composition to be performed on Czech Radio. It was also played publicly in many places.

The inspiration was a newly established friendship with another great person, to whom the composition is dedicated. Its character is based on a combination of two inserted parts with the main motif, and to evoke the atmosphere and a greater experience of musical ideas, it uses octave progression with the right hand and decompositions with across tones with the left hand. The peculiarity of the whole composition is the use of the dominant key as a switch, which I have never opt for before.

Pohlazení (The Caress) has become one of my model and also most listened compositions. In 2016, it was performed at a pre-Christmas talk show with personalities from the field of literature and film.

From the point of view of presentation and audience success, it is one of the most used and most listened to compositions of my current production.

Dedicated to Karolína Bartoňková.