The piece Přátelství (Friendship), which was composed in December 2015 as a Christmas present to two amazing people, is still one of my most successful musical pieces. In a short time, it received a lot of positive feedback and a high number of views.

From the very beginning, its goal was to capture and musically portray a functioning friendship and all its positives, which, together with peace and relief, it brings to life. The piece lilting strains at a pleasant and comfortable tempo, which intensifies the whole idea.

Currently, this is the most played piece at all the events I have performed. Traditionally, I symbolically start all my live performances and concerts of all kinds with this composition. It has a non-interchangeable place in my work and in my heart and I am strongly and personally bound to it. It was also introduced on Czech Radio.

Dedicated to Eliška Dedková & Izabela Tomiová.