Sunrise Over the Ocean


Svítání nad oceánem (Sunrise Over the Ocean) is my second piece, which I wrote in April 2015. It was the first experiment with harmony and in the very first recording that was made, stringed instruments were used as background. The composition was rewritten several times. During the course of its development, its theme was used as a "memory motif", which was repeated many times in suitable situations.

This piece was released twice on the original channel, where all my musical experiments were placed. For the first time ever, with a piano sound supported by string instruments, and the second time, it had an electronic form that was supposed to resemble the atmosphere I was trying to breathe in it.

My second piece caught on quite quickly. It was a new and another impulse for me to continue in my work. As, from a harmonious point of view, this was another attempt similar to Naděje (Hope), the piece was also composed in the key A minor, using common procedures and transitions.

From the very beginning of composing my own melodies, I started developing a character that is hard not to notice in some of my compositions. Over time, I have developed my own way of melody progress and its enrichment. It was clear that my work would not be overly inventive and would have a rather relaxing and soothing impression.

Svítání nad oceánem (Sunrise Over the Ocean) is a piece describing the atmosphere at sunrise. It should create a subtle but pleasant tension, and, at the same time, it entices the listener to learn about the whole situation in depth. The chorus motif indicates the sunrise itself, the opening and closing parts with interludes describe the process of sunrise and indicate the distance the light of the sun must travel before reaching Earth.

It is definitely a piece that gave my writing a new dimension and moved it one step forward again.