Flight of the White Dove


Vzlet bílé holubice (Flight of the White Dove) was created during June 2015 and thus became the fourth piece in a five-month period, rich in new things. Following the previous piece, it tries to capture a certain atmosphere, this time it's about relaxation. The subject of the composition was a white dove - a symbol of peace, purity and diplomacy.

The character captures and describes the insouciance, freedom and spontaneity of birds. The chorus focuses directly on the flutter of the wings - the motif was written to set this act precisely to the music and bring it closer in a melodic sense.

We can talk about another programmed composition, which has an immediate underlining of some activities and specific things with the help of music. In the final part and in the interlude, it incorporates the bond of animal hearts, their friendship, as well as their relationship to the surrounding world and with each other.

Dedicated to Nikol Růžičková.