The Birth of Planet Earth


The composition Zrod planet země (The Birth of Planet Earth) is a certain stimulating element of consciousness at a time when a pandemic of a new coronavirus is raging in the world. It describes the evolution of the Earth since the beginning of being somewhere in the depths of the universe.

It begins with subtle tones that symbolize primitive organisms at the onset of our existence, gradually amplifies this current and goes hand in hand with the evolution of our world.

The central part, which is different from the rest of the motifs, has a sort of character change, showing how easily vulnerable we are, how easily we can lose our system and how fragile our world is.

The conclusion is then majestic and rich and presents the ideas of our current state of maturity, which gets stuck at the very end and falls to zero - this should be a reference to our vulnerability, and it is a metaphor that even pettiness can stop our whole known world and knock us down - to the beginning.